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Cloudflare for Teams
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Troubleshooting and FAQ

This section addresses the most common issues you may come across when setting up or using Cloudflare for Teams.

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Self diagnostics

If your users are experiencing issues connecting to Cloudflare for Teams, they can visit the Teams help page or their Account page to quickly isolate the problem.

  • The Teams help page returns information on the status of your connection to Gateway.
  • The Account page gives an overview of a user's personal information and authentication methods.

Teams help page

The Teams help page at is a quick way to check whether Gateway is successfully protecting your network. It also allows your users to further investigate network issues.

This page shows:

  • An overview of Connectivity details
  • Debug information
  • An overview of the content categories and security risks that are being blocked

Help page

Account page

The Account page in the App Launcher allows your end users to self-diagnose any issues they may encounter when accessing applications behind Teams. In the Account page, they can check their account information and their authentication methods.

To reach the Account page:

  1. Navigate to the App Launcher.
  2. Click on the User icon in the top right corner.
  3. In the drop-down menu, click on Account.

The Account page includes:

  • Details on the end user’s account and authentication methods
  • A Diagnostics card with a code snippet users can share with a Teams administrator to help with troubleshooting.

Access page