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Cloudflare Tunnel requires the installation of a lightweight server-side daemon, cloudflared, to connect your infrastructure to Cloudflare. If you are creating a tunnel through the dashboard, you can simply copy-paste the installation command shown in the dashboard.

To download and install cloudflared manually, use one of the following links.

​​ GitHub repository

cloudflared is an open source project maintained by Cloudflare.

​​ Latest release

​​ Linux

You can download and install cloudflared via the Cloudflare Package Repository.

Alternatively, download the latest release directly:

​​ macOS

Download and install cloudflared via Homebrew:

$ brew install cloudflared

Alternatively, download the latest Darwin amd64 release directly.

​​ Windows

Download and install cloudflared via winget:

winget install --id Cloudflare.cloudflared

Alternatively, download the latest release directly:


​​ Docker

A Docker image of cloudflared is available on DockerHub.

​​ Deprecated releases

Cloudflare supports versions of cloudflared that are within one year of the most recent release. Breaking changes unrelated to feature availability may be introduced that will impact versions released more than one year ago. For example, as of January 2023 Cloudflare will support cloudflared version 2023.1.1 to cloudflared 2022.1.1.

To update cloudflared, refer to these instructions.