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Connect browsers

Cloudflare Browser Isolation works by intercepting normal browsing traffic and serving a web-native remote client to the user's browser, instead of the normal HTML/CSS/Javascript content. Since this content is not served to the user's browser, it is protected from malicious websites that attempt to exploit web-based vulnerabilities.

Remote browsing is invisible to the user who continues to use their browser normally without changing their preferred browser and habits. Every open tab and window is automatically isolated.

Diagram of how Browser Isolation integrates with WARP and Gateway

Browser Isolation is integrated into Cloudflare for Teams HTTP Policies.

To start protecting your users through remote browsing, you need:

  • A Cloudflare for Teams Standard or Enterprise plan, and a Browser Isolation add-on subscription
  • The WARP client installed on your devices


Cloudflare Browser Isolation is a security product. In order to serve transparent isolated browsing and block web based threats our network decrypts Internet traffic using the Cloudflare Root CA. Traffic logs are retained as per the Gateway Logs documentation.