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Run as a service on Linux

You can install cloudflared as a system service on Linux.


Before you install Cloudflare Tunnel as a service on Linux, follow Steps 1 through 4 of the Tunnel CLI setup guide . At this point you should have a named tunnel and a config.yml file in your .cloudflared directory.

1. Configure cloudflared as a service

By default, Cloudflare Tunnel expects all of the configuration to exist in the $HOME/.cloudflared/config.yml configuration file . The available options are documented on the configuration file reference , but at a minimum you must specify the following arguments to run as a service:

tunnelThe UUID of your tunnel
credentials-fileThe location of the credentials file for your Tunnel

2. Run cloudflared as a service

  1. Install the cloudflared service.

    $ cloudflared service install
  2. Start the service.

    $ systemctl start cloudflared
  3. (Optional) View the status of the service.

    $ systemctl status cloudflared

Next steps

You can now route traffic through your tunnel . If you add IP routes or otherwise change the configuration, restart the service to load the new configuration:

$ systemctl restart cloudflared