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The Slack integration detects a variety of user security, data loss prevention, and misconfiguration risks in an integrated Slack Workspace that could leave you and your organization vulnerable.

​​ Integration prerequisites

​​ Integration permissions

For the Slack integration to function, Cloudflare CASB requires the following Slack API permissions:

  • channels:read
  • files:read
  • groups:read
  • users:read

These permissions follow the principle of least privilege to ensure that only the minimum required access is granted. To learn more about each permission, refer to the Slack Permission scopes reference.

​​ Security findings

The Slack integration currently scans for the following findings, or security risks.

​​ User account settings

Slack User 2FA DisabledCriticalA user in the Slack Workspace does not have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled for their account.
Slack User Email Not ConfirmedHighA user in the Slack Workspace has not verified the email they use to sign in.

​​ Channel sharing

Slack Channel Shared ExternallyHighA channel in the Slack Workspace has been shared with users who are not members of the Workspace.

​​ File sharing

Slack File Publicly AccessibleMediumAn external link has been created for a file uploaded to the Slack Workspace.
Large File (2GB+) Shared in SlackLowA file ≥ 2 GB has been uploaded to the Slack Workspace.