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Add bookmarks

Cloudflare Zero Trust allows admins to show applications on their user’s App Launcher even if those applications are not secured behind Access. This way, users can access all the applications they need to work, all in one place — regardless of whether those applications are protected by Access.

Links to applications not protected by Access can be added as bookmarks. To add a bookmark:

  1. On the Zero Trust dashboard, navigate to Access > Applications.

  2. Click Add an application.

  3. Select Bookmark.

  4. Enter the Application name and Application URL.

  5. In the Application visibility card:

    • Toggle on Show application in the App Launcher if you want the application to be visible in the App Launcher. The toggle does not impact the ability for users to reach the application.
    • [Optional] Add a custom logo for your application by clicking Custom and entering a link to your desired image.
  6. Click Next.

The application will show up in the Applications page labeled as BOOKMARK. You can always edit or delete your bookmarks, as you would any other application.