Log into Yandex, and create a new oauth application. Fill in the application name (it can be anything, though your users will see it during the sign in flow). yandex1 You will need to set some basic scopes. Choose “Yandex.Passport API” and then check the boxes for “Access to email address”, “Access to username, first name and surname, gender” and “Access to user avatar”. yandex2 Click Web Services under Platform. In Authorization callback URL #1, put https:///cdn-cgi/access/callback. Click Add. yandex3 Click Submit. Copy the ID and secret and paste them in their corresponding fields to the left to finish setting up your yandex connection. yandex4 yandex5 Now Click on “Save and Test” on the Cloudflare dashboard to make sure your connection to the identity provider is successful. yandex6