One-Time Pin Login

Access can send a one-time pin (OTP) to approved email addresses as an alternative to configuring an identity provider (IdP). You can also configure both simultaneously, allowing users to authenticate through the IdP or through the OTP function.

For example, if your team uses Okta but you’re collaborating with someone outside your organization, you can use OTP to grant them access. Start by adding their email address to a policy rule in addition to your rule allowing your team to reach the application. When your external party attempts to reach the application they can select OTP, input their email address, and, if that email is part of your policy, Access will send a one-time pin to their email address that they can use to authenticate.

When the user attempts to login, they will receive an email code. otp1

When they copy and paste that code into the Access login page, if they are an allowed user, they will be logged in: otp2