Generic OIDC

  1. If your are using an Identity Provider that is not listed here, you can use our generic OpenID Connect(OIDC) connector.

  2. The following are the information you would need to copy from your identity provider into the Cloudflare Dashboard. Client ID and Client Secret: Create a client/app for Cloudflare Access and copy the client id and client secret value. Auth URL: The authorization_endpoint URL of your IdP. Token URL: The token_endpoint URL of your IdP. Certificate URL: The jwks_uri endpoint of your IdP to get the keys used by the IdP to sign the tokens.

    All the above endpoint values could be obtained from your IdP’s OIDC discovery endpoint which is also called as the well-known URL.

  3. Give your Generic IdP a name of your choice by entering it in the Name field.

  4. In your IdP’s Authorized redirect URI field, put your authentication domain/cdn-cgi/access/callback URL.