Step 1: Login to your Centrify admin portal and click on apps. cfy1

Step 2: Click on Add Web Apps and navigate to custom tab. Scroll down and click Add OpenID Connect. cfy2 cfy3

Step 3: Click Yes on the Application modal to create an OpenID Connect app. cfy4

Step 4: Enter an Application ID and click save. cfy5

Step 5: Navigate to the trust tab and enter a strong application secret. Under the Service Provider configuration enter your application’s authentication domain as the Resource application URL. Click Add on Authorized redirect URIs and put your authentication domain/cdn-cgi/access/callback. Click Save. cfy6 cfy7 cfy8

Step 6: Now copy your Client ID, Client Secret, OpenID Connect Issuer URL without the forward slash from the Settings tab and Application ID from Settings tab in the Centrify dashboard and then paste them into the Cloudflare dashboard.

Step 7: Navigate to the User Access tab and Add the roles you wish to grant access to the application. cfy9

Step 8: Return to the Cloudflare dashboard and select Centrify as your identity provider. Input the Client ID and Secret. Select “Save and test” to confirm your connection is working.