Azure AD

Sign into the Azure dashboard. You can also integrate with the Office365 identity service through Azure AD.

Step 1: Click on Azure Active Directory in the Manage column. az-ad1

Step 2: Click on Properties and copy your Directory ID into Cloudflare dashboard. az-ad2

Step 3: Click on “App Registrations” in the Manage column. Click “New Application Registration”. az-ad3

Step 4: Give your application a name and use https:///cdn-cgi/access/callback as the Sign-on URL. Click create. az-ad4

Step 5: Click on your new application and copy your Application ID into Cloudflare dashboard. az-ad5

Step 6: Click “Settings”, then click on “Keys”. az-ad5

Step 7: Fill in the row for passwords and click save. Copy the new password value into the Application Secret field on the Cloudflare dashboard. az-ad6

Step 8: Click on required permissions and then click on Windows Azure Active Directory. az-ad7

Step 9: Toggle on the “Sign in and read user profile”, “Read directory data”, and “Read all groups” as permissions. Click save. az-ad8

Step 10: Click Grant Permissions. az-ad9

Step 11: Return to the Cloudflare dashboard. If you are using Azure AD groups, toggle “Support Groups” to “On” in the configuration window. Click on “Save and Test”to make sure your connection to the identity provider is successful. az-ad10 az-ad11