Azure AD

Sign into the Azure dashboard. You can also integrate with the Office365 identity service through Azure AD. Click on Azure Active Directory in the Manage column. az-ad1 Click on Properties and copy your Directory ID into Cloudflare dashboard. az-ad2 Click on “App Registrations” in the Manage column. Click “New Application Registration”. az-ad3 Give your application a name and use https:///cdn-cgi/access/callback as the Sign-on URL. Click create. az-ad4 Click on your new application and copy your Application ID into Cloudflare dashboard. az-ad5 Click “Settings”, then click on “Keys”. az-ad5 Fill in the row for passwords and click save. Copy the new password value into the Application Secret field on the Cloudflare dashboard. az-ad6 Click on required permissions and then click on Windows Azure Active Directory. az-ad7 Select the “Sign in and read user profile”, “Read directory data”, and “Read all groups” as permissions. Click save. az-ad8 Click Grant Permissions. az-ad9 Now Click on “Save and Test” on the Cloudflare dashboard to make sure your connection to the identity provider is successful. az-ad10 az-ad11