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Page Rules settings

Settings control the action Cloudflare takes once a request matches the URL pattern defined in a page rule. You can use settings to enable and disable multiple Cloudflare features across the dashboard.

Note that:

  • Some settings require a Pro, Business, or Enterprise domain plan.
  • You can specify more than one setting to apply when the rule triggers.

Below is the full list of settings available, presented in the order that they appear in the Cloudflare Page Rules page in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Always Use HTTPSEnable Always Use HTTPS feature. If enabled, any http:// URL is converted to https:// through a 301 redirect.

If this option does not appear, you do not have an active Edge Certificate.
Auto Minify (deprecated)Indicate which file extensions to minify automatically.All
Automatic HTTPS RewritesTurn on or off Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.All
Browser Cache TTLControl how long resources cached by client browsers remain valid. The Cloudflare dashboard and the API both prohibit setting Browser Cache TTL to 0 for non-Enterprise domains.All
Browser Integrity CheckInspect the visitor’s browser for headers commonly associated with spammers and certain bots. All
Bypass Cache on CookieBypass cache and fetch resources from the origin server if a regular expression matches against a cookie name present in the request.
If you add both this setting and the Cache On Cookie setting to the same page rule, Cache On Cookie takes precedence over Bypass Cache on Cookie.

Refer to the Additional details to learn about limited regular expression support.
Business and Enterprise
Cache By Device TypeSeparate cached content based on the visitor’s device type. Enterprise
Cache Deception ArmorProtect from web cache deception attacks while still allowing static assets to be cached. This setting verifies that the URL’s extension matches the returned Content-TypeAll
Cache KeyAlso referred to as Custom Cache Key.
Control specifically what variables to include when deciding which resources to cache. This allows customers to determine what to cache based on something other than just the URL.
Cache LevelApply custom caching based on the option selected:

Bypass: Cloudflare does not cache.
No Query String: Delivers resources from cache when there is no query string.
Ignore Query String: Delivers the same resource to everyone independent of the query string.
Standard: Caches all static content that has a query string.
Cache Everything: Treats all content as static and caches all file types beyond the Cloudflare default cached content. Respects cache headers from the origin web server unless Edge Cache TTL is also set in the Page Rule. When combined with an Edge Cache TTL > 0Cache Everything removes cookies from the origin web server response. 
Cache on CookieApply the Cache Everything option (Cache Level setting) based on a regular expression match against a cookie name.
If you add both this setting and Bypass Cache on Cookie to the same page rule, Cache On Cookie takes precedence over Bypass Cache on Cookie.
Business and above
Cache TTL by Status CodeEnterprise customers can set cache time-to-live (TTL) based on the response status from the origin web server. Cache TTL refers to the duration of a resource in the Cloudflare network before being marked as stale or discarded from cache. Status codes are returned by a resource’s origin. Setting cache TTL based on response status overrides the default cache behavior (standard caching) for static files and overrides cache instructions sent by the origin web server. To cache non-static assets, set a Cache Level of Cache Everything using a Page Rule. Setting no-store Cache-Control or a low TTL (using max-age/s-maxage) increases requests to origin web servers and decreases performance.Enterprise
Disable AppsTurn off all active Cloudflare Apps (deprecated).All
Disable PerformanceTurn off Auto Minify (deprecated), Rocket Loader, Mirage, and Polish.All
Disable SecurityTurn off Email Obfuscation, Rate Limiting (previous version, deprecated), Scrape Shield, Server Side Excludes (deprecated), URL (Zone) Lockdown, and WAF managed rules (previous version, deprecated).All
Disable ZarazTurn off Zaraz.All
Edge Cache TTLSpecify how long to cache a resource in the Cloudflare global network. Edge Cache TTL is not visible in response headers.All
Email ObfuscationTurn on or off Email Obfuscation.All
Forwarding URLRedirects one URL to another using an HTTP 301/302 redirect. Refer to Wildcard matching and referencing.All
Host Header OverrideApply a specific host header.Enterprise
IP Geolocation HeaderCloudflare adds a CF-IPCountry HTTP header containing the country code that corresponds to the visitor.All
MirageTurn on or off Mirage.Pro and above
Opportunistic EncryptionTurn on or off the Opportunistic Encryption. All
Origin Cache ControlOrigin Cache Control is enabled by default for Free, Pro, and Business domains and disabled by default for Enterprise domains.All
Origin Error Page Pass-thruTurn on or off Cloudflare error pages generated from issues sent from the origin server. If enabled, this setting triggers error pages issued by the origin.Enterprise
PolishApply options from the Polish feature of the Cloudflare Speed app.Pro and above
Query String SortTurn on or off the reordering of query strings. When query strings have the same structure, caching improves.Enterprise
Resolve OverrideChange the origin address to the value specified in this setting.Enterprise
Respect Strong ETagsTurn on or off byte-for-byte equivalency checks between the Cloudflare cache and the origin server.Enterprise
Response BufferingTurn on or off whether Cloudflare should wait for an entire file from the origin server before forwarding it to the site visitor. By default, Cloudflare sends packets to the client as they arrive from the origin server.Enterprise
Rocket LoaderTurn on or off Rocket Loader in the Cloudflare Speed app.All
Security LevelControl options for the Security Level feature from the Security app. All
Server Side Excludes (deprecated)Turn on or off the Server Side Excludes feature of the Cloudflare Scrape Shield app.All
SSLControl options for the SSL feature of the Edge Certificates tab in the Cloudflare SSL/TLS app.All
True Client IP HeaderTurn on or off the True-Client-IP Header feature of the Cloudflare Network app. Enterprise
Web Application FirewallTurn on or off WAF managed rules (previous version, deprecated).
You cannot enable or disable individual WAF managed rules via Page Rules.
Pro and above