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Billing and subscription FAQ

​​ If I run out of Page Rules, can I buy more?

No, you cannot buy additional Page Rules since they are deprecated. You will need to migrate to modern Rules features to benefit from increased quotas.

​​ How do I cancel my Page Rules purchase?

To cancel a purchase:

  1. Go to  your Account Subscriptions settings.

  2. Find the associated website (listed in alphabetical order) and select Edit.

  3. For Additional page rules, change the amount to your previous value. If you are over your current limit, you may have to delete existing page rules (paused or active).

  4. Finish the updates to your subscription.

​​ When I change plans will I keep my add-on subscriptions?

When you change plans, you will keep your Page Rules add-on subscription.

​​ What happens if I cancel Page Rules halfway through my billing cycle?

You will be billed for and have access to your additional Page Rules until the end of your current billing cycle.

Your plan will adjust at the start of your next billing cycle. For more details, refer to our billing policy.