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Cloudflare Rules

Available on all plans

Cloudflare Rules allows you to make adjustments to requests and responses, configure Cloudflare settings, and trigger specific actions for matching requests.

​​ Products

​​ Transform Rules

Adjust the URI path, query string, and HTTP headers of requests and responses on the Cloudflare global network.

​​ URL normalization

Modify the URLs of incoming requests so that they conform to a consistent formatting standard.

​​ URL forwarding

Redirect visitors from a source URL to a target URL with a specific HTTP status code. Use Single Redirects or Bulk Redirects depending on your use case.

​​ Origin Rules

Customize where the incoming traffic will go and with which parameters. Override request properties such as Host header, destination hostname, and destination port.

​​ Configuration Rules

Customize Cloudflare configuration settings for matching incoming requests.

​​ Custom error responses

Define custom responses for errors returned by an origin server or by a Cloudflare product, including Workers.

​​ Page Rules

Trigger certain actions when a request matches a URL pattern.

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