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CSV file format to import URL redirects

You can use a CSV file to import URL redirects into a Bulk Redirect List using the Cloudflare dashboard. Each line in the CSV file must follow this format:


Only the <SOURCE_URL> and <TARGET_URL> values are mandatory. The default value of <STATUS_CODE> is 301 and the default value for all the boolean parameters is FALSE.

To enable one of the URL redirect parameters, use one of the following values: TRUE or true. To keep an option disabled, use one of FALSE or false, or enter a comma (delimiter) without entering any value.

​​ Example CSV file

All the lines in this example are valid lines that you can import in the dashboard:,,301,,,,,,,FALSE,TRUE,,,,302,,TRUE

​​ Important remarks

  • The CSV file must not include a header row with column names.
  • A source/target URL must be enclosed in quotes (") when it includes a comma (,). You can always enclose URL values in quotes, but it is not required.
  • You can skip an optional value by immediately entering a comma (the delimiter) without entering any value.
  • You do not need to include trailing commas.