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Default Cache Behavior

Cloudflare respects the origin web server’s cache headers in the following order unless an Edge Cache TTL cache rule overrides the headers.

  • Cloudflare does not cache the resource when:
    • The Cache-Control header is set to private, no-store, no-cache, or max-age=0.
    • The Set-Cookie header exists.
  • Cloudflare does cache the resource when:
    • The Cache-Control header is set to public and max-age is greater than 0.
    • The Expires header is set to a future date.

For a list of directives and behaviors when Origin Cache-Control is enabled or disabled, refer to Cache-Control directives.

​​ Default cached file extensions

Cloudflare only caches based on file extension and not by MIME type. The Cloudflare CDN does not cache HTML by default. Additionally, Cloudflare caches a website’s robots.txt.


To cache additional content, refer to Cache Rules to create a rule to cache everything.

​​ Customization options and limits

Cloudflare’s CDN provides several cache customization options:

  • Caching behavior for individual URLs via Cache Rules
  • Customize caching with Cloudflare Workers
  • Adjust caching level, cache TTL, and more via the Cloudflare Caching app

​​ Upload limits




Max upload size

100 MB100 MB200 MB500+ MB

If you require a larger upload, group requests smaller than the upload thresholds or upload the full resource through an unproxied (grey-clouded) DNS record.

​​ Cacheable size limits

Cloudflare cacheable file limits:

  • Free, Pro and Business customers have a limit of 512 MB.
  • For Enterprise customers the default maximum cacheable file size is 5 GB. Contact your account team to request a limit increase.