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Terraform example

The following example defines a single configuration rule for a zone using Terraform. The rule disables Email Obfuscation and Browser Integrity Check for API requests.

# Disable a couple of Cloudflare settings for API requests
resource "cloudflare_ruleset" "http_config_rules_example" {
zone_id = "<ZONE_ID>"
name = "Config rules ruleset"
description = "Set configuration rules for incoming requests"
kind = "zone"
phase = "http_config_settings"
rules {
action = "set_config"
action_parameters {
email_obfuscation = false
bic = false
expression = "(http.request.uri.path matches \"^/api/\")"
description = "Disable email obfuscation and BIC for API requests"
enabled = true

​​ Additional resources

For additional guidance on using Terraform with Cloudflare, refer to the following resources: