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Override URL or IP address

Cloudflare Page Rules allows you to override the URL or IP address of a request. This feature is currently available for domains on the Enterprise plan.

A common use case for this functionality is when you are serving an application from a particular URI ( In this case, the app may live on another server and may even be hosted by a third party. Requests to this endpoint must be directed to the server for that third party application. You can specify a CNAME host.

To make sure you have full control of these records, it is recommended that you set the Resolve Override within the same zone name.

To configure a resolve override in Page Rules, do the following:

  1. Create a DNS record (either CNAME or A record) for your domain.

    • This example shows a CNAME record setup to point to

      • Type: CNAME
      • Name:
      • Target:
      • TTL: Auto
      • Proxy status: Proxied
    • This example uses an A record to point to a web server IP address.

      • Type: A
      • Name:
      • IPv4 address:
      • TTL: Auto
      • Proxy status: Proxied
  2. Create a page rule to override a URL or an IP address.

    The following example page rule configuration would send all requests from a folder (/app) to an AWS S3 bucket:

    • If the URL matches:*
    • Setting: Resolve Override | Value:
    • Setting: Host Header Override | Value: