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URL normalization settings

The Cloudflare dashboard provides two settings to manage URL normalization:

  • Normalize incoming URLs (default: On)

    • Configures the URLs of all incoming traffic to Cloudflare:

      • When enabled, all incoming URLs are normalized before they pass to subsequent Cloudflare features that can receive a URL as input, such as Page Rules, Firewall Rules, Workers, and Access.
      • When disabled, incoming URLs are not normalized before passing to subsequent Cloudflare features.
  • Normalize URLs to origin (default: Off)

    • Configures URLs sent to the origin:

      • When enabled, requests sent to the origin are normalized.
      • When disabled, requests sent to the origin are not modified.
    • You can only view and enable this option when Normalize incoming URLs is enabled.

Configuration examples

The following table shows how URL normalization settings affect incoming URLs before they pass to other Cloudflare features and to origin:

Incoming URLNormalize incoming URLsNormalize URLs to originURL passed to Cloudflare edgeURL passed to origin