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Using Cloudflare with various forums

​​ Overview

Many widely used forum platforms are compatible with Cloudflare.

These include:

If you have a forum using these platforms, you can increase its speed and safety by adding Cloudflare.

​​ Steps

1. Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy, meaning that all visitor IP addresses will become Cloudflare-affiliated IP addresses. If you are using services like Stopforumspan or blocking registration by IP address, you need to restore original visitor IPs.

2. To prevent admin functions from being affected by caching or performance features, create a Page Rule to exclude the admin section of your site.

3. If you want certain services to access your website (APIs or certain IPs), configure IP access rules.

4. Review your DNS records to make sure all your subdomain records are present. If you cannot find a subdomain, add the DNS record.

5. Review your Cloudflare performance and security settings.