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What settings are applied when I click “Optimize Cloudflare for WordPress” in Cloudflare’s WordPress plugin?

​​ Overview

If you’re using Cloudflare’s Wordpress plugin, our “Optimize Cloudflare for WordPress” one-click configuration applies the following settings to your Cloudflare account:

Cloudflare’s one-click configuration Wordpress plugin.
Security levelMedium
Caching levelStandard
Auto Minify (deprecated)Enable Auto Minify for JS, CSS, and HTML
Browser Cache TTL4 hours
Always OnlineOn
Development ModeDisabled
IPV6 CompatibilityOn
IP GeolocationOn
Email Address ObfuscationOn
Server-side Excludes (deprecated)On
Hotlink ProtectionOff
Image optimization (Polish and Mirage)Off (unless on Pro or higher plan)
Rocket LoaderOff