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Rollback subdomain setup

Refer to the following process to understand how you can rollback a subdomain setup and recreate the corresponding subdomain DNS records in an existing parent zone within Cloudflare.

​​ Before you begin

  • This guide assumes both your child domain ( and its parent domain ( are in Cloudflare.
  • In the child zone, review and export the DNS records.

​​ Steps

  1. (Optional) In the parent zone, migrate over any settings - WAF custom rules, Rules, Workers, and more - that might be needed for the child domain.
  2. (Optional) If necessary, order an advanced SSL certificate that covers the child domain and any deeper subdomains.
  3. In the parent zone, go to DNS > Records.
  4. Delete one of the NS records defined for the child domain.
  5. Edit the remaining NS record to create the subdomain address record.
  6. Import the records you had obtained before you began.