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If you or your visitors experience DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE errors after you activate your domain on Cloudflare, review your DNS records in Cloudflare.

​​ Background

DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE means that the resolver could not find DNS records for the requested hostname.

Though visitors sometimes encounter this error — or similarly worded messages from Safari, Edge, or Firefox — because of network or local DNS issues, it might point to an issue with your DNS records in Cloudflare.

​​ Potential solutions

If you experience DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE errors with a newly activated domain, review your DNS settings in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Check your expected apex domain ( and any active subdomains ( or If they do not resolve correctly, you may need to add a record on the zone apex or a subdomain record in Cloudflare DNS.

If you have the correct records set up, make sure those records are also pointing to the correct origin IP address.

After making changes to your DNS records, you may need to wait a few minutes for those changes to take effect.