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Subdomain setup

When you use a subdomain setup, you can manage the Cloudflare settings for one or more subdomains separately from those associated with your apex domain.

Screenshot showing a zone with a parent domain and a child subdomain

You might use this when you want to share access to a specific subdomain’s settings with different teams, but have stricter controls on your apex domain. For example, this setup could allow your documentation team to manage the Cloudflare settings for, while preventing them from adjusting any settings on

Subdomain setups are also useful when different subdomains require entirely different settings. For example, you may have different requirements for,, and (as well as different teams that need to manage the settings independently).

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​​ Notes

If the parent domain’s SSL/TLS certificate explicitly lists the child subdomain and is created after the child subdomain’s SSL/TLS certificate, the parent domain’s certificate will take precedence over the child domain’s certificate.

For example, if created an advanced certificate that directly listed, visitors to might see the SSL/TLS certificate for