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Cloudflare’s mission is to be the fastest, most resilient, and simplest managed DNS platform to meet our customer’s and partner’s DNS needs.

​​ Benefits

When you use Cloudflare DNS, all DNS queries for your domain are answered by Cloudflare’s global Anycast network. This network allows us to deliver excellent performance while guaranteeing global availability.

Our Anycast network also allows us to mitigate DDoS attacks directed at any site using Cloudflare nameservers, whether they are paying us a lot or nothing at all.

Beyond these benefits, Cloudflare authoritative DNS also provides free DNSSEC and protects against route leaks and hijacking.

​​ Availability

Cloudflare’s authoritative DNS is available to all customers for free. Other types of DNS setups may be limited to specific plan types. For additional details, refer to Zone setup options.

​​ Other Cloudflare DNS products

The products described in this section are intended for applications and help your visitors reach their destinations faster and more securely.

If you are a consumer and want a more private way to browse the Internet, refer to our documentation.