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Cloudflare DNS

Leverage Cloudflare’s global network to deliver excellent performance and reliability to your domain.
Available on all plans

Cloudflare DNS is a fast, resilient and easy-to-manage authoritative DNS service. It delivers excellent performance and reliability to your domain while also protecting your business from DDoS attacks and route leaks and hijacking.

​​ Features


DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) adds cryptographic signatures to your DNS records, preventing anyone else from redirecting traffic intended for your domain.

Cloudflare also supports Multi-signer DNSSEC.

​​ CNAME flattening

CNAME flattening delivers better performance and allows you to add a CNAME record at your apex domain ( Paid accounts can choose to flatten all CNAME records on their domain.

Refer to DNS features and availability for a complete list of features and their availability according to different Cloudflare plans.