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Check domain DNS

  1 min read

Once you add and activate your domain at Cloudflare, check that all your DNS records are set up correctly.

​​ Can you visit your website?

If your website already existed before adding it to Cloudflare, the easiest way to test DNS resolution is to try and visit your domain ( or a subdomain (

As long as you reviewed your DNS records when adding your domain, everything should work just fine.

​​ Potential issues

Sometimes, domains added to Cloudflare can experience issues in DNS resolution.

For more details on these errors and how to fix them, refer to the following resources:

​​ Does your domain’s email still work?

If your domain supported email beforehand, try sending a few emails to your domain’s address.

If those emails cannot be delivered, the issue is usually with your domain’s MX DNS records. For help, refer to the following resources: