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DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) adds an extra layer of authentication to DNS, ensuring requests are not routed to a spoofed domain.

​​ Enable DNSSEC

When you enable DNSSEC, Cloudflare signs your zone, publishes your public signing keys, and generates your DS record.

​​ Step 1 — Activate DNSSEC in Cloudflare

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard and select your account and domain.
  2. Go to DNS.
  3. For DNSSEC, click Enable DNSSEC.
  4. In the dialog, you have access to several necessary values to help you create a DS record at your registrar. Once you close the dialog, you can access this information by clicking DS record on the DNSSEC card.

​​ Step 2 — Add DS record to your registrar

You now need to add a DS record to your registrar.

Provider-specific instructions

This is not an exhaustive list, but the following links may be helpful:

​​ Troubleshooting

For more help with DNSSEC, refer to Troubleshooting DNSSEC.

​​ Limitations

If your registrar does not support DNSSEC with Cloudflare’s preferred cipher choice (Algorithm 13), you have several options:

If your top-level domain does not support DNSSEC with Algorithm 13, contact that top-level domain.