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Issues sharing to Facebook

Cloudflare does not block or challenge requests from Facebook by default. However, a post of a website to Facebook returns an Attention Required error in the following situations:

A country challenge can block a Facebook IP address. Facebook is known to crawl from both the US and Ireland.

​​ Resolution

To resolve issues sharing to Facebook, do one of the following:

  • Remove the corresponding IP, ASN, or country custom rule that challenges or blocks Facebook IPs.
  • Create a skip rule for ASNs AS32934 and AS63293 (use the Skip action and configure the rule to skip Security Level).
  • Review existing configuration rules and Page Rules and make sure they are not affecting requests from Facebook IPs.

If you experience issues with Facebook sharing, you can re-scrape pages via the Fetch New Scrape Information option on Facebook’s Object Debugger. Facebook provides an API to help update a large number of resources.

If you continue to have issues, you can contact Cloudflare Support with the URLs of your website that cannot share to Facebook, and confirming that you have re-scraped the URLs.