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The WAF changelog provides information about changes to managed rulesets and general updates to WAF protection.

​​ Changelog for managed rulesets

Cloudflare has a regular cadence of releasing updates and new rules to WAF managed rulesets. The updates either improve a rule’s accuracy, lower false positives rates, or increase the protection due to a change in the threat landscape.

The release cycle for new rules happens on a 7-day cycle, typically every Monday or Tuesday depending on public holidays. For existing rule updates, Cloudflare will initially deploy the updated rule as a BETA rule (denoted in rule description) and with a BETA tag, before updating the original rule on the next release cycle. Cloudflare will deploy the updated or new rules into logging only mode (Log action), with BETA and New tags. Essentially, any newly created rules will carry both the BETA and New tags. Logging only mode allows you to identify any increases in security event volumes which look like potential false positives. On the following Monday (or Tuesday) the rules will change from logging only mode to the intended default action (New Action column in the changelog table), with the BETA and New tags removed.

Cloudflare is very proactive in responding to new vulnerabilities, which may need to be released outside of the 7-day cycle, defined as an Emergency Release.

If you do notice a new or updated rule generating an increased volume of security events, you can disable or change the rule from its Default action. Once you change a rule to use an action other than the default one, Cloudflare will not be able to override the rule action.

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