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L3/4 DDoS Managed Ruleset parameters

Configure the Cloudflare L3/4 DDoS Managed Ruleset to change the action applied to a given attack or modify the sensitivity level of the detection mechanism. To customize these parameters, define overrides via Rulesets API.

The available parameters are the following:

  • Action
  • Sensitivity


API property name: "action".

The action performed for packets that match specific rules of Cloudflare's DDoS mitigation services. The available actions are:

  • Block

    • API value: "block".
    • Blocks IP packets that match the rule expression given the sensitivity levels.
  • DDoS Dynamic

    • API value: N/A (internal rule action that you cannot use in overrides).
    • Performs a specific action according to a set of internal guidelines defined by Cloudflare. The executed action can be Block or an undisclosed mitigation action.


API property name: "sensitivity_level".

Defines how sensitive a rule is. Affects the thresholds used to determine if an attack should be mitigated. A higher sensitivity level means having a lower threshold, while a lower sensitivity level means having a higher threshold.

The available sensitivity levels are:

SensitivityAPI value
Essentially Off"eoff"