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Manage custom rules in the dashboard

Manage custom rules in Security > WAF > Custom rules.

The custom rules interface allows you to:

  • Create custom rules
  • Browse and filter rules
  • Edit and delete rules
  • Enable or disable rules
  • Reorder rules

The Custom rules tab in the dashboard, listing three example rules

​​ Manage custom rules

Edit, delete, enable/disable, or reorder rules in the Custom rules tab.

​​ Enable or disable a rule

To enable/disable a rule, select the toggle button on the right of the rule you want to change.

​​ Edit a rule

To edit a rule:

  1. Select Edit on the right of the rule you want to change.
  2. Update the rule parameters.
  3. Select Save.

​​ Delete a rule

To delete a rule, select Delete next to the rule you want to delete and confirm the operation.

​​ Reorder a rule

Select the handle next to the rule and drag the rule into position. Alternatively, select the up/down arrow buttons to shift the rule up/down in the rules list.