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Add filters

You can adjust the scope of analytics by manually entering filter conditions. Alternatively, click the Filter or Exclude buttons that appear when hovering over analytics data legend to filter by that field value.

To manually add a filter:

  1. Click Add filter under Firewall Events.
  2. Select a field, an operator, and a value. For example, to filter events by IP address, select IP for Action, select equals for the operator, and enter the IP address.
  3. Click Apply.

Take the following into account when entering filter values:

  • Do not add quotes around values.
  • Do not enter the AS prefix when entering ASN numbers. For example, enter 1423 instead of AS1423.
  • Wildcards are not supported.

Adjust report duration

To adjust report duration, select the desired duration from the dropdown in Firewall Events.

The available report duration values depend on your Cloudflare plan. Refer to Availability for details.