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The Activity log summarizes Firewall events by date to show the action taken and the applied Cloudflare security feature.

Example of Activity log events

Firewall Events are shown by individual event rather than by request. For example, if a single request triggers three different Firewall features, the Firewall Events will show three individual events in the Activity log.

Expand each event to see its details, and define filters and exclusions based on the event's field values. Click the Filter or Exclude button when hovering a field to add the field value to the filters or exclusions list of the displayed analytics. To download the event data in JSON format, click Export event JSON.

Displayed columns

To configure the columns displayed in the Activity log, click Edit columns. This gives you flexibility depending on the type of analysis that you need to perform.

For example, if you are diagnosing a bot-related issue, you may want to see the User agent and the Country columns. On the other hand, if you are trying to identify a DDoS attack, you may want to see IP address, ASN, and Path columns.

Event actions

For a description of the actions that may appear in the Activity Log, refer to Actions.

When the Connection Close action appears in the Activity Log, it means the existing request is unaffected, but the client is instructed to establish a new connection instead of reusing the existing connection.

If you see a Managed Challenge action, it is either related to Cloudflare's bot products or a Firewall rule set on a free account.