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Decrypt the payload content in the command line

Use the matched-data-cli tool to decrypt a payload in the command line.

  1. Download the matched-data-cli tool for your platform from the Releases page on GitHub, under Assets.

  2. Extract the content of the downloaded .tar.gz file to a local folder.

  3. Open a command line window and change to the local folder containing the matched-data-cli binary.

    ~ $ cd matched-data-cli
  4. Define two environment variables: one with your private key and another one with the encrypted payload:

    ~/matched-data-cli $ PRIVATE_KEY=<PRIVATE_KEY>

    Replace <PRIVATE_KEY> with your private key and <ENCRYPTED_PAYLOAD> with the encrypted payload.

  5. Run the following command to decrypt the payload:

    ~/matched-data-cli $ ./matched-data-cli decrypt -d $ENCRYPTED_PAYLOAD -k $PRIVATE_KEY

    Do not replace any text in this command, since it uses the environment variables you defined.


The following example defines two environment variables and runs the matched-data-cli tool to decrypt the payload in the ENCRYPTED_PAYLOAD environment variable:

~ $ cd matched-data-cli
~/matched-data-cli $ PRIVATE_KEY=uBS5eBttHrqkdY41kbZPdvYnNz8Vj0TvKIUpjB1y/GA=
~/matched-data-cli $ ENCRYPTED_PAYLOAD=A2nf3cy4G3XwychG1p/G/kpoYFtZ9pXi4R4NfJ8DrwJbTgAAAAAAAABqpfZoJeu5+nHnFLj8WdzFUglb5Ba+PNHcwq0Q7ATwmyX3WN8vRIxWyylFJ0SHcyVl0Dl03K8zjAd43MNTpWSu2UQ5MW7aFjn7w5DYbL0wiEOsmDQD9SDIbA80eAI7
~/matched-data-cli $ ./matched-data-cli decrypt -d $ENCRYPTED_PAYLOAD -k $PRIVATE_KEY{"http.request.version": "HTTP/1.1", "http.request.uri.path": "/cms/%0Aadmin"}