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Managed Rulesets

Cloudflare provides the following Managed Rulesets in the WAF:

Cloudflare Managed RulesetCreated by the Cloudflare security team, this ruleset provides fast and effective protection for all of your applications. The ruleset is updated frequently to cover new vulnerabilities and reduce false positives.
Cloudflare Exposed Credentials Check Managed RulesetDeploy an automated credentials check on your end-user authentication endpoints. For any credential pair, the Cloudflare WAF performs a lookup against a public database of stolen credentials.
Cloudflare OWASP Core RulesetCloudflare's implementation of the Open Web Application Security Project, or OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set. Cloudflare routinely monitors for updates from OWASP based on the latest version available from the official code repository.

The following rulesets run in the response phase:

Cloudflare Sensitive Data Detection (Beta)Created by Cloudflare to address common data loss threats. These rules monitor the download of specific sensitive data — for example, financial and personally identifiable information. Available in Firewall > Data.

Phases of deployed Managed Rulesets

When you enable a Managed Ruleset in the WAF tab, you are deploying that Managed Ruleset to the zone-level http_request_firewall_managed phase.

Other Managed Rulesets, like DDoS Managed Rulesets, are deployed to a different phase. Check the specific Managed Ruleset documentation for details.

For more information on phases, see Phases.