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Known issues

Here are some known bugs and issues that we're aware of with Cloudflare Pages:

  • Source code hosting tools besides GitHub or GitLab—for instance, BitBucket—are not currently supported.
  • Pages currently only supports a single project per repository. Monorepos or repositories with multiple codebases/applications currently cannot deploy more than one project to Pages at a time.
  • Once you have selected a GitHub repository for your Pages application, it cannot be changed. Remove/delete your Pages project and create a new one pointing at a different repository if you need to update it.
  • * subdomains currently cannot be changed. If you need to change your * subdomain, delete your project and create a new one.
  • Hugo builds automatically run an old version. To run the latest version of Hugo (for instance, 0.80.0), you will need to set an environment variable. Set HUGO_VERSION to 0.80.0 or the Hugo version of your choice.
  • By default, Cloudflare uses Node 12.18.0 in the Pages build environment. If you need to use a newer Node version, refer to the Build configuration page for configuration options.
  • For users migrating from Netlify, Cloudflare does not support Netlify's Forms and Serverless Functions features.
  • It is currently not possible to add a custom domain with a wildcard, for example, *
  • Cloudflare Pages is not supported with Cloudflare Apps; you may see a 1014 error if you use both in a deployment.

If you have an issue that you do not see listed, let the team know in the Cloudflare Workers Discord. Get your invite at, and share your bug report in the #pages-help channel.