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​​ 2023-09-13

​​ Support for D1’s new storage subsystem and build error message improvements

​​ 2023-08-23

​​ Commit message limit increase

  • Commit messages can now be up to 384 characters before being trimmed.

​​ 2023-08-01

​​ Support for newer TLDs

  • Support newer TLDs such as .party and .music.

​​ 2023-07-11

​​ V2 build system enabled by default

  • V2 build system is now default for all new projects.

​​ 2023-07-10

​​ Sped up project creation

  • Sped up project creation.

​​ 2023-05-19

​​ Build error message improvement

  • Builds which fail due to Out of memory (OOM) will return a proper error message indicating so rather than Internal error.

​​ 2023-05-17

​​ V2 build system beta

​​ 2023-05-16

​​ Support for Smart Placement

​​ 2023-03-23

​​ Git projects can now see files uploaded

​​ 2023-03-20

​​ Notifications for Pages are now available

​​ 2023-02-14

​​ Analytics Engine now available in Functions

​​ 2023-01-05

​​ Queues now available in Functions

  • Added support for Queues producer in Functions.

​​ 2022-12-15

​​ API messaging update

Updated all API messaging to be more helpful.

​​ 2022-12-01

​​ Ability to delete aliased deployments

  • Aliased deployments can now be deleted. If using the API, you will need to add the query parameter force=true.

​​ 2022-11-19

​​ Deep linking to a Pages deployment

  • You can now deep-link to a Pages deployment in the dashboard with :pages-deployment. An example would be

​​ 2022-11-17

​​ Functions GA and other updates

​​ 2022-11-15

​​ Service bindings now available in Functions

  • Service bindings are now available in Functions. For more details, refer to the docs.

​​ 2022-11-03

​​ Ansi color codes in build logs

Build log now supports ansi color codes.

​​ 2022-10-05

​​ Deep linking to a Pages project

  • You can now deep-link to a Pages project in the dashboard with :pages-project. An example would be

​​ 2022-09-12

​​ Increased domain limits

Previously, all plans had a maximum of 10 custom domains per project.

Now, the limits are:

  • Free: 100 custom domains.
  • Pro: 250 custom domains.
  • Business and Enterprise: 500 custom domains.

​​ 2022-09-08

​​ Support for _routes.json

  • Pages now offers support for _routes.json. For more details, refer to the documentation.

​​ 2022-08-25

​​ Increased build log expiration time

Build log expiration time increased from 2 weeks to 1 year.

​​ 2022-08-08

​​ New bindings supported

​​ 2022-07-05

​​ Added support for .dev.vars in wrangler pages

Pages now supports .dev.vars in wrangler pages, which allows you to use use environmental variables during your local development without chaining --envs.

This functionality requires Wrangler v2.0.16 or higher.

​​ 2022-06-13

​​ Added deltas to wrangler pages publish

Pages has added deltas to wrangler pages publish.

We now keep track of the files that make up each deployment and intelligently only upload the files that we have not seen. This means that similar subsequent deployments should only need to upload a minority of files and this will hopefully make uploads even faster.

This functionality requires Wrangler v2.0.11 or higher.

​​ 2022-06-08

​​ Added branch alias to PR comments

  • PR comments for Pages previews now include the branch alias.