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Redirect * to a custom domain

​​ Background

Learn how to use Bulk Redirects to redirect your * subdomain to your custom domain ( You may want to do this to ensure that your site’s content is served only on the custom domain, and not the * site automatically generated on your first Pages deployment.

​​ Set up

To set up a redirect to a custom domain:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard, and select your account.

  2. Select Workers & Pages and select your Pages application.

  3. Go to Custom domains and make sure that your custom domain is listed. If it is not, add it by clicking Set up a custom domain.

  4. Go to Account Home > Bulk Redirects.

  5. Create a bulk redirect list, making sure to:

    • Use your application’s * subdomain as your source URL

    • Use your target custom domain URL. Note that you must include https:// before the apex domain.

    • Expand Edit parameters and select Preserve query string, Subpath matching, and Preserve path suffix.

      Optional: Tick the Include subdomains box. This will automatically redirect all of the preview URLs to your custom domain.

  6. Create a bulk redirect rule using the list you just created.

To test that your redirect worked, go to your * domain and double-click the URL as if to copy it. If the URL is now set to your custom domain, then the rule has propagated.