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@vercel/og Pages Plugin

The @vercel/og Pages Plugin is a middleware which renders social images for webpages. It also includes an API to create arbitrary images.

As the name suggests, it is powered by @vercel/og. This plugin and its underlying Satori library was created by the Vercel team.

​​ Install

To install the @vercel/og Pages Plugin, run:

$ npm install @cloudflare/pages-plugin-vercel-og

​​ Use

import React from "react";
import vercelOGPagesPlugin from "@cloudflare/pages-plugin-vercel-og";
interface Props {
ogTitle: string;
export const onRequest = vercelOGPagesPlugin<Props>({
imagePathSuffix: "/social-image.png",
component: ({ ogTitle, pathname }) => {
return <div style={{ display: "flex" }}>{ogTitle}</div>;
extractors: {
on: {
'meta[property="og:title"]': (props) => ({
element(element) {
props.ogTitle = element.getAttribute("content");
autoInject: {
openGraph: true,

The Plugin takes an object with six properties:

  • imagePathSuffix: the path suffix to make the generate image available at. For example, if you mount this Plugin at functions/blog/_middleware.ts, set the imagePathSuffix as /social-image.png and have a /blog/hello-world page, the image will be available at /blog/hello-world/social-image.png.

  • component: the React component that will be used to render the image. By default, the React component is given a pathname property equal to the pathname of the underlying webpage (for example, /blog/hello-world), but more dynamic properties can be provided with the extractors option.

  • extractors: an optional object with two optional properties: on and onDocument. These properties can be set to a function which takes an object and returns a HTMLRewriter element handler or document handler respectively. The object parameter can be mutated in order to provide the React component with additional properties. In the example above, you will use an element handler to extract the og:title meta tag from the webpage and pass that to the React component as the ogTitle property. This is the primary mechanism you will use to create dynamic images which use values from the underlying webpage.

  • options: an optional object which is given directly to the @vercel/og library.

  • onError: an optional function which returns a Response or a promise of a Response. This function is called when a request is made to the imagePathSuffix and extractors are provided but the underlying webpage is not valid HTML. Defaults to returning a 404 response.

  • autoInject: an optional object with an optional property: openGraph. If set to true, the Plugin will automatically set the og:image, og:image:height and og:image:width meta tags on the underlying webpage.

​​ Generate arbitrary images

Use this Plugin’s API to generate arbitrary images, not just as middleware.

For example, the below code will generate an image saying “Hello, world!” which is available at /greet.

import React from "react";
import { ImageResponse } from "@cloudflare/pages-plugin-vercel-og/api";
export const onRequest: PagesFunction = async () => {
return new ImageResponse(
<div style={{ display: "flex" }}>Hello, world!</div>,
width: 1200,
height: 630,

This is the same API that the underlying @vercel/og library offers.