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Below, we've listed the limits for users using the Cloudflare Pages free plan. For more details on removing these limits, check out our Cloudflare plans page.


Each time you push new code to your GitHub repository, we'll build and deploy your site. You can deploy up to 500 times per month on the free plan. Check out the Pro and Business plans on our pricing page if you need to deploy more frequently!

Custom domains

A Cloudflare Pages project can be attached to a maximum of ten (10) custom domains at a time.


We take each file in your site and upload it to our globally distributed network to bring low latency to every user that visits your site. Cloudflare Pages sites can contain up to 20,000 files.

File size

The maximum file size for a Cloudflare Pages site asset is 25MB.

Preview deployments

You can have an unlimited number of preview deployments active on your project at a time.


Your Pages site can be managed by an unlimited number of users via the Cloudflare dashboard. Note that this does not correlate with your GitHub project--you can manage both public and private repos, open issues, and accept pull requests via GitHub without impacting your Pages site.


Cloudflare Pages supports deploying unlimited sites to your account. In order to protect against abuse of the service, we may temporarily disable your ability to create new Pages projects, if you're deploying a large number of applications in a short amount of time. Please email if you need this restriction removed.