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Origin CA

Cloudflare Origin Certificates are free SSL certificates issued by Cloudflare for installation on your origin server to facilitate end-to-end encryption for your visitors using HTTPS. Once deployed, they are compatible with the Strict SSL mode.

Some origin web servers require upload of the Cloudflare Origin CA root certificate. Click on a link below to download either an RSA and ECC version of the Cloudflare Origin CA root certificate:

Hostname/wildcard coverage

Certificates may be generated with up to 100 individual Subject Alternative Names (SANs). A SAN can take the form of a fully-qualified domain name ( or a wildcard (*; IP addresses are not permitted as SANs on Cloudflare Origin Certificates.

Wildcards may only cover one level, but can be used multiple times on the same certificate for broader coverage (e.g., * and * may co-exist).


By default, newly generated certificates are valid for 15 years. If you wish to generate shorter-lived certificates (e.g., as short as 7 days), you should use the API.


If you misplace your key material or wish to indicate that a certificate should otherwise no longer be trusted, you can click the “x” icon to the far-right of the Origin Certificate and click “OK”. This process cannot be undone.

Automated issuance

Our API allows you to automate the issuance of Origin Certificates.In the future, an ACME endpoint will be provided.