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Cloudflare SSL/TLS

Encrypt your web traffic to prevent data theft and other tampering.
Available on all plans

Through Universal SSL, Cloudflare is the first Internet performance and security company to offer free SSL/TLS protection. Cloudflare SSL/TLS also provides a number of other features to meet your encryption requirements and certificate management needs.

​​ Features

​​ Total TLS

Extending the protection offered by Universal SSL, Total TLS is an easy way to automatically issue certificates for all levels of subdomains that you have.

​​ Delegated DCV

Even if you use a different provider for authoritative DNS, you can delegate domain control validation (DCV) to Cloudflare, reducing the need of manual intervention.

​​ Custom TLS settings

Cloudflare also allows you to specify the minimum TLS version that visitors must use to connect to your website or application, and restrict cipher suites according to your security requirements.

Refer to features and availability for a complete list of SSL/TLS features and their availability according to different Cloudflare plans.