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For more on Cloudflare SSL/TLS, refer to these articles:

  • Cipher suites: Consider information about supported cipher suites, how to meet your security requirements, and how to troubleshoot compatibility and other issues.
  • TLS protocols: Cloudflare supports a variety of TLS protocols, ranging from TLS 1.0 to TLS 1.3.
  • Certificate and hostname priority: Learn about how Cloudflare decides which certificate (and the associated SSL/TLS settings) apply to individual hostnames.
  • Certificate authorities: Learn more about the certificate authorities Cloudflare uses to issue Universal, Advanced, or SSL for SaaS certificates.
  • Browser compatibility: Review information about browser compatibility for the different Cloudflare SSL offerings.
  • Migration guides: These guides walk you through the migration processes associated with various changes in Cloudflare’s SSL/TLS infrastructure.
  • Certificate pinning: Learn why Cloudflare does not support HTTP public key pinning (HPKP) and consider an alternative solution to prevent certificate misissuance.
  • Certificate statuses: Certificates statuses show which stage of the issuance process each certificate is in.
  • Validation backoff schedule: Consider what happens if a domain control validation (DCV) fails and what schedule Cloudflare follows for new attempts and backoff.
  • Validity periods and renewal: Review information about available validity periods for your Cloudflare SSL certificates.