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Staging environment (Beta)

Use your certificate staging environment to test new custom (modern) certificates before pushing them to your production environment. This process helps you solve potential certificate problems before there's an incident, such as when:

  • You make a mistake when uploading a new custom certificate.
  • You misunderstand the order of your certificates.
  • Clients have previously pinned your custom certificate, causing a TLS termination error.

Use your staging environment

Step 1 — Upload certificate

To upload custom (modern) certificates to your staging environment:

  1. Navigate to SSL/TLS > Staging Certificates.
  2. Click Upload Custom Staging Certificate.
  3. Upload your custom (modern) certificate (detailed instructions).
  4. Your certificate will appear in the dashboard with a status of Staging Deployment. If you refresh the page, its status should go to Staging Active.

Step 2 — Test certificate

Test your custom (modern) certificate by sending curl requests to the IP addresses listed in the dashboard card at SSL/TLS > Staging Certificates.

You should confirm whether:

  • TLS termination is successful.
  • The right certificate is being served at the edge.
  • Any clients are pinning the old certificate.

Step 3 — Push certificate to production

Asssuming there are no issues, push your custom (modern) certificate to your production environment:

  1. Navigate to SSL/TLS > Staging Certificates.
  2. Click a custom certificate.
  3. Click Push to Production.

If there were issues with your certificate, you can keep it in your staging environment or click Deactivate on the certificate itself.

Step 4 (optional) — Push certificate back to staging

If you roll out a custom (modern) certificate to production and encounter issues, you can push that certificate back to your staging environment for additional testing:

  1. Navigate to SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates.
  2. Click a custom certificate.
  3. Click Push to Staging.



Currently, staging environments are only available to Enterprise customers participating in an open beta. To get access to the beta, contact your Account team.


At the moment, staging environments have limited functionality:

  • Only custom (modern) certificates
  • Only accessed via the dashboard