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API commands

Use the following API commands to manage advanced certificates. If you are using our API for the first time, review our API Quickstart.

CommandMethodEndpointAdditional notes
Order Advanced CertificatePOSTzones/:zone/ssl/certificate_packs/order
Restart validation for an Advanced Certificate Manager certificate packPATCHzones/:zone/ssl/certificate_packs/:certificate_pack
Delete Advanced Certificate Manager certificate packDELETEzones/:zone/ssl/certificate_packs/:certificate_pack
List all Advanced Certificate Manager certificate packsGETzones/:zone/ssl/certificate_packs?status=allThis API call returns all certificate packs for a domain (Universal, Custom, and Advanced).
List Cipher Suite settingsGETzones/:zone/settings/ciphers
Change Cipher Suite settingsPATCHzones/:zone/settings/ciphersTo restore default settings, send a blank array in the value parameter.