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Enable mTLS

To enable mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS) for a host from the Cloudflare dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account Home page and click the zone containing the host for which you want to enable mTLS.

  2. In the Cloudflare dashboard, click the SSL app.

    The SSL Overview displays.

    SSL app Overview tab

  3. To enable mTLS for a host, click the Edit link in the Hosts section of the Client Certificates card.

    Client Certificates card

    A text input and save controls display.

    Enable mTLS Hosts input

  4. Use the input to enter the name of a host that is in the zone you selected in Step 1 and press Enter.

    A tag representing your host displays. In this example, the host is

    example host

  5. Click Save.

Now that you have enabled mTLS for your host, you can enforce mTLS with API Shield™.