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Handle redirects with Bulk Redirects

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Bulk Redirects (beta) to handle redirects that surpasses the 1,100 redirect rules limit set by Pages. A _redirects file has a maximum of 2,000 static redirects and 100 dynamic redirects, for a combined total of 2,100 redirects.

To use Bulk Redirects, log in to the Cloudflare dashboard > Rules > Bulk Redirects.

Bulk redirects option

In Bulk Redirects, select Create a new Bulk Redirects list.

Create a new Bulk redirects list

Create a new list, and in the content type, select Redirect. You will be prompted to add your redirect Source URL and Target URL. You can also specify the Status code for each redirect.

If you set the Source URL to and the Target URL to with a status code of 301, whenever the Source URL is requested, it will be permanently redirected to the Target URL.

After this, go back to Bulk Redirects > Create Bulk Redirects > set a Rule name > and select the desired list.

Create a new Bulk redirects

Finally, select Save and deploy and wait a few seconds for your rule to propagate.