Upgrading Your Key Server

If you are running in a high availability configuration, you should make sure to upgrade one server at a time as new TLS connections will fail to terminate at Cloudflare’s edge without a functioning key server.

  1. Back up the contents of /etc/keyless.
  2. Update your OS’ package listings, e.g., apt-get update or yum update
  3. Upgrade the gokeyless server:
  4. Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get upgrade gokeyless
  5. RHEL/CentOS: yum install gokeyless
  6. Restart the keyless instance:
  7. systemd: service gokeyless restart
  8. upstart/sysvinit: /etc/init.d/gokeyless restart
  9. Confirm that HTTPS connections are working as expected.