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File conventions

Our docs have a few conventions around files.

​​ Naming

When creating new files, follow specific conventions for your naming.

Filenames should:

  • Semantically communicate the purpose of the file
  • Be lowercased
  • Use dashes between words
  • Only use for a single file under folders
Acceptable file names
Unacceptable file names
/fundamentals/concepts/What is

These conventions are important for user readibility, SEO conventions, and making sure our GitHub actions do not break.

​​ Folders

Each folder should have a file named


This convention ensures that Hugo - our static site generator - treats the content as a section. The content at /fundamentals/concepts/ will also be rendered at

​​ Content files

Add regular content files to the /content/{product_folder}/ directory.


​​ Image files

Add image files to the /assets/images/{product_folder}/ directory.